Disappointed with the proliferation of stereotypes about South Asian Americans, eight men came together to form a powerful voice for individuals in a collective. On February 7, 1994 these men became the Founding Fathers of the FIRST South Asian Interest Fraternity.  By forming this organization, their goal was to bridge the gaps between people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures – all while promoting South Asian cultural awareness. Iota Nu Delta Fraternity, Inc. is South Asian based, but is not, nor ever will be exclusive to men of South Asian origin. Discrimination of any type would go against the very core of our purpose.


The “Melting Pot” model is flawed

The vast majority of Iota Nu Delta members are proud Americans, born and raised. But they have other aspects to their identities that are too strong to simply be forgotten. In the “Melting Pot” model, people “blend in”–they assimilate, giving up their unique culture and heritage. True cultural exchange and learning do not happen this way. Instead, the present and future of the United States is better represented by the “Cultural Mosaic”.  In this model, individuals retain their individuality, take pride in their cultures, and bring extraordinary awareness to society. Using the college campus as a microcosm, Iota Nu Delta collaborates with other organizations representing various cultures to create rich experiences for the student body.

The Well-Rounded Man – Mind, Body, Soul

Our principles of Mind, Body & Soul are reflected in the spheres of: Professional Success, Leadership, Cultural Awareness, and Community Service.

  • Professional Success: In this sphere, our guiding principles move our Brothers towards excellence in academics and career, and boldly push the envelope of their intrinsic potential. Our Academic Excellence programs as well as our Professional Development challenges seek to support the ambitions you already have. College exists to prepare you for the rest of your life, likewise, Iota Nu Delta exists to advance you for the rest of your life.
  • Leadership: Few are bold enough to lead, because few have developed the character, skills, and dedication that leadership requires. Iota Nu Delta presents our brothers with the challenges, opportunities, and resources to cultivate strong leadership skills that will be invaluable long after college.
  • Community Service: With the privilege of earning an education comes the responsibility of giving back to society. Indeed, our guiding principles emphasize the value of uplifting those less fortunate than us, be it through events to raise philanthropic dollars, or giving our hands to service.
  • Cultural Awareness: Our guiding principles call for boldly embracing the time-tested cultural values of South Asia that define our characters.  Though we are a South Asian Interest Fraternity, we advocate appreciation of all the world’s cultures.