Each man of Iota Nu Delta has his own background, interests, and life-story. What they all share is an ambition to accomplish greater things in life. They strive to be well-rounded men of character who will make a meaningful impact, both in college and beyond. First and foremost, brothers acknowledge their personal responsibilities to Faith, Family, School, and Career. The more you learn about Iota Nu Delta, the more you will realize it is not a “typical” fraternity.


The lifestyle of a Brother is never boring. There is always opportunity to cultivate your character and your interests. Any given day, you may find yourself tutoring elementary school kids, performing on stage, hosting a networking event, going to a mixer with a sorority, taking a road trip, or putting together a cultural show. These are just a few of the opportunities and experiences that you have access to as a brother.

Whether they are brothers or brothers’ friends—your network of meaningful relationships will grow tremendously. Not only is this relevant in college where you are trying new things, but also as an alumnus. Wherever your life takes you, there will be a brother who can help.


Many student organizations promise friendship or networking but these ideas become immensely powerful through the foundation of Brotherhood Eternal that is Iota Nu Delta. Men of Iota Nu Delta consider each other Brothers no matter where in the country they are or how old they are

In college—Brothers often take road trips to visit another chapter for support at events, leadership seminars, or simply to have fun on another campus. In many fraternities, brothers don’t know guys in their own chapter let alone in another part of the country. Strong brotherhood nationally has set Iota Nu Delta apart from our founding.

Beyond college– It is not uncommon to hear stories of our alumni being best men at weddings, starting a business together, or coming to a brother’s side during crisis. The word “networking” become so much powerful when it is bound by Brotherhood rather than superficial membership in an organization. Brothers are truly invested in each other’s success because it is an extension of their own.


Men of Iota Nu Delta believe that they can make an impact in college and beyond—on their campus, in their profession, in their communities, and in our global society. These values are reflected in Iota Nu Delta’s core principles of Mind, Body, Soul.

Brothers consider service and leadership their duties and as such, the organization provides many opportunities in those regards


While college can be an opportunity to have fun, it is ultimately an experience to prepare you for the rest of your life. The same can be said for Iota Nu Delta. Becoming part of Iota Nu Delta means you are becoming a partner in a business—a chapter of a national not-for-profit organization—that has the potential to exist forever, influencing lives far beyond the college campus. It is different from a student club. You will gain leadership skills that apply in the real world and meaningful mentoring from brothers who have already had success in your desired profession.

Though Iota Nu Delta is an established organization, it is growing and all brothers have the opportunity to make an impact immediately at their campus and very quickly at the regional and national level. The leadership skills developed in Iota Nu Delta will benefit you for the rest of your life. In today’s competitive job market, being smart is simply not enough. Give yourself the advantage.