Every student has heard this advice: your time in college will shape you for rest of your life, make the most of it. Your institution surely provides students access to organizations run that inspire and motivate them to do great things. Our message is simply this: Each student holds unique characteristics that can enhance the campus environment; Without the opportunity to experience the best of themselves, the campus will never know what they could have had.

We are confident that Iota Nu Delta Fraternity Inc. can contribute to a vibrant, diverse, and meaningful campus experience at your university in ways that no other organization can. We are a community oriented organization at our core, so the benefits of Iota Nu Delta necessarily extend far beyond our members.

If Iota Nu Delta is currently on your campus, we value the relationship we have with your institution and the lives we have positively impacted with leadership, diversity, and a set of transferable skills that can’t be taught in the classroom. We look forward to further collaboration with you as we continue to develop well-rounded leaders. If Iota Nu Delta is not on your campus at this time, we invite you to take a deeper look at what Iota Nu Delta has to offer and contact us (below).

The Mind-Body-Soul Initiative is our chapter evaluation framework–it sets minimum standards for our undergraduates while recognizing success. It encourages chapter and colony leaders to plan, develop, and constantly improve.

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