Iota Nu Delta, the First South Asian interest fraternity, develops well-rounded men to be tomorrow’s leaders–bold individuals who strive towards the forefront of progress in our global society. First and foremost, they must uphold their core responsibilities–to Faith, Family, Academics and Career.

Men of Iota Nu Delta engage in the lifelong cultivation of Mind, Body, and Soul.  They come from diverse backgrounds, but each shares the bold ambition to accomplish greater things in life. In their quest, they are empowered by the resources of a national network that is built not merely by “membership in an organization”, but by the unbreakable bonds of Brotherhood Eternal.


Iota Nu Delta uplifts its men in their duties: to serve, to lead, and to accomplish greater things in life.

Bound by Brotherhood Eternal, we shall:

  1.Cultivate lifelong academic and professional excellence.

  2.Extend meaningful service to humanity and leadership in society.

  3.Promote understanding of the diverse South Asian cultures.

Most of us, spend a lifetime trying to touch the flame. I challenge you.
Become The Flame
— Alpha Alpha - Dr. Ashok J. Prasad