People sense that this world can be made better but there are only a few that boldly decide to take the reins.  It is the passion, dedication, and  vision of these few that inspires others to join and take action. These are the qualities that all distinguished companies and organizations seek in new recruits because they know a leader will help take them to new heights.

Leaders are not born–they are developed. Iota Nu Delta aims to develops leaders–well rounded men who aspire to accomplish greater things in their professions and communities. Men of Iota Nu Delta develop skills and insights demanded everyday in the workplace but not often found on the college campus.

Becoming part of Iota Nu Delta Fraternity, Inc. means you will be contributing to and managing the development of a business–a chapter of a national, not-for-profit organization.

Here are a few examples of how Iota Nu Delta develops leadership:

  • Iota Nu Delta functions as a meritocracy where the most capable and ambitious can climb to ever greater levels of leadership. This starts with numerous positions and committees at the local level and continues to Regional and National positions. As a growing organization, dedicated men can make a meaningful impact very quickly.
  • National and regional seminars to continuously develop a variety of skills and be exposed to new ideas
  • Learning complex organizational dynamics often found in the workplace, but rarely taught in college.
  • Developing professional social skills

From Forbes Magazine
“A mere 8.5% of full-time university undergraduates are members of either a fraternity or a sorority. Not only have fraternities been the breeding ground of those 120 Forbes 500s CEOs, they also have spawned 48% of all U.S. presidents, 42% of U.S. senators, 30% of U.S. congressmen, and 40% of U.S. Supreme Court justices”