On February 7th, 1994, Eight young men at Binghamton University came together to start a movement to forever change how the world sees South Asian Americans. Dissatisfied with the prevalence of stereotypes, discrimination, and misunderstandings about the rich South Asian cultures, they were driven by a passion to unite the voices of a diverse group of people.

They noticed however, that traditional on-campus student organizations were split among the lines of national origins, and at most provided a group of friends during college. The yearly election of new officers in these student organizations made it difficult to create a lasting impact beyond the college campus – as each new executive board set its own agenda. Further, after members graduated, their ties to these student organizations diminished.

Their bold approach to this problem was to create something that could not die out, but would last forever. They created something that would stand as a powerful voice for individuals in a collective–the FIRST South Asian interest fraternity. By forming this organization, their goal was to bridge the gaps between people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures – all while promoting South Asian cultural awareness.

Today, Iota Nu Delta has spread to campuses across the country with alumni excelling around the world. What began as a single idea held by Eight individuals has morphed into something that permeates not just across college campuses, but also across the boardrooms, hospitals, and politics of America and abroad. These Eight visionaries have inspired each man of Iota Nu Delta to forge his own path of excellence.

These honorable men who paved the way for all Brothers and all South Asian Greeks are:

Dr. Renjy Vattasseril
Dr. Sachin Chopra
Dr. Varun Gujral
Dr. Stanley Jacob
Dr. Ankur Desai
Mr. Shaiju Eapen
Mr. Samir Chopra Esq.
Mr. Johri Mathew


Letter from National Founding Father Samir Chopra

Dear Brothers:

It is with great pride and pleasure that I write this letter to you.

Over the past dozen years, our brotherhood has grown exponentially and taken huge strides of success in many uncharted areas. What INΔ has become today, what you guys have made INΔ today shows me how much of the same, love, trust, care and honor it is to be a brother of Iota Nu Delta.

There is no question that our family, our brotherhood, is the closest knit, most successful in terms of depth of contacts and strength of the undergraduates and alumni. But more so, that we are the first organization of our kind and we will continue to remain leaders because of the diversity in religion, language, creed and ethnicity of our brothers.

As many of you will see what starts out in college, winds up having huge impact in your adult lives. Today, our brothers work in all of the investment banks, top law firms, medical schools and fortune 500 companies globally, and we all still get together for the fun and sorrowful times in one another’s lives.

Brothers, INΔ has grown into a brilliant diamond – each of you are the illustrious facets that make us shine. Thank you for making INΔ great. As a Founding Father – it is my hope that you realize all the opportunity and success that you so rightly deserve in life.

Looking forward to many great things in the years to come.

Your Brother,
Samir Chopra