The Endeavor

Starting a chapter will be one of the most fulfilling endeavors of your college career. You will become a Founder of an everlasting legacy on your campus. The organization you and the other Founders build will have tremendous positive influence on the lives of both it’s members and the community for generations to come. Being a Founder–part of the Alpha Class–holds immense prestige. Moreover, it holds both challenge and opportunity to change the face of your campus, to build leaders, to serve the community, and to boldly build a legacy that will last beyond your years in college.

You and your other Founders will be essentially starting a business–a chapter of a national not-for-profit organization–with an opportunity to gain real life experience not often found in student clubs or in classrooms. You will always be known as a Founder and the skills you develop will benefit you for the rest of your life. You will gain leadership experience and insight that most of your peers can not get until long after college, giving you a strong advantage over the competition for any job.  While you are starting a new group on your campus, you are also becoming part of an established national organization. This means you will have access to guidance and a host of resources provided by Iota Nu Delta National. Further, you will still be able to tap into our powerful national alumni network.

There is no one “type” of Founder. In fact, diversity of personality is a crucial aspect of success. You will be part of a group of Founders, an Alpha Class. Each one of these men should be able to contribute in some way to the growth of the organization.

Quality & Support

We are the First South Asian interest fraternity and as we have expanded to various schools, we have valued quality over quantity. Unlike many organizations, we refuse to dilute our standards of excellence and brotherhood for the sake of numbers. Doing so would dilute the immense potential of our organization to impact the nation and the world. If you are a man who values quality over quantity and excellence over mediocrity, than Iota Nu Delta is the organization for you.

Being selective with expansions allows us to provide an unmatched level of support. Iota Nu Delta has a strong set of national resources provided to our chapters and colonies–like an innovative chapter development program, marketing tools to help you promote on campus, grants to help you host large-scale events, and numerous seminars to develop management skills. Clearly, we are looking for leaders, but you are not alone. In conjunction with your university, we will supply you with the resources  and coaching to build a strong organization at your school that will thrive for generations to come. Becoming a Founder will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career, in many ways.

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