The Beta Test, by Giri Kulkarni

I guess I’m writing this as if I’m speaking. What is INΔ? It’s quite a question because when you take a step back, this is way more than one thing. But what exactly is it? Hard to explain something that has brought all of us equal amounts of joy as it has stress. In any organization, team, or family there are those who came before, some if quantified, did more than others. While some members hard work went unnoticed. And some were just amazing company along the way. But we all did something. If nothing else at all, at the bare minimum each one of us did one thing – We pledged ourselves to this organization.

Why? What got us into it? And what kept us going? In what direction is this organization moving?

Along with others, those were, and are the questions I find myself pondering. As I’m sure all of us have wondered the same. Although I have not come up with concrete answers for why one decides to start pledging nor where this organization is headed, I do know that all of us took away something from that one thing we have in common. Armed with an experience very difficult to define or explain to those who did not choose to try, or did not see it through. I’ve heard others describe it as some kind of magnificent galvanizing bond amongst brothers, or the ice breaker when you meet a brother for the first time. I’m not one for the theatrics of imaging we are some kind of band of brothers or other such depictions. Quite simply, I call that armor of experience brought to us by what we are a part of… The Beta Test.

A beta test is the trial period; the time when you can afford to point out and diagnose the glitches. So in that sense, in my opinion, the entire Iota Nu Delta experience serves as the beta test for what’s to come in our lives. I think I speak for all alumni from National Founding Fathers down to recent grads – Adversity, persistence, planning, event coordination, team management, and to an extent, chain of command are all part of what comes with being involved with this well-knit organization. These experiences we partake in allow us to make mistakes, so when in the real world we go to implement, for example, a team management skill in a professional setting, our performance is that much more refined.

Ask any brother in any professional setting, from Health Care, Legal, Engineering or Business. You will face adversity in your future. Something will always be in your way.

You will have to do event planning, whether it’s your own marriage, or setting up a volunteer event for your hospital/place of employment. You will always have to work with others, whether you are the follower or the leader of the group. And you will always need to assess the best way to navigate yourself through these obstacles. The values we learn from this organization become the tools we are able to use in our daily lives because of this beta test. Participating in events whether as a prospect, active brother, or alumni sharpens our capabilities of knowing how to react in all different scenarios life throws at us. For actives, if you’re in a position to contribute through going out on campus gaining ground, providing chapter with financial stability through fund raisers, successfully executing recruitment, having sustainable intake and expanding this organization to higher levels – or something as simple as being responsible for pre-party organization - you will walk away with intangibles that you will be able to use throughout your life. The beta test will truly teach you how to get to the top of your professional game, and personal life regardless of what the future has in store for you.

Everyone’s life experiences are obviously unique to that person. Countless times I’ve been around brothers, some of whom I see daily, others once a year, maybe… And the conversation of INΔ somehow comes up. All of us have our reasons for how we feel about our experience. But, however your opinion differs from one another, the opinion itself is irrelevant to my observation of what Iota Nu Delta is.

Happy New Years!

by Giri Kulkarni