Brother Ryan Kuriakose

July 20, 2016-- 1PM

Iota Nu Delta would like to highlight the accomplishments of our former National President, Ryan Kuriakose. Ryan graduated with a Pharm.D. from our Iota Chapter at St. John’s University in 2010, where he would later go on to get an M.S. in Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Following pharmacy school, he secured a position in a post-doctoral fellowship program within the pharmaceutical industry, through which he began getting involved with the business and product management aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology industries. Ryan’s first entrepreneurial experience came in 2011 when he founded PillTalk with another Brother from our Iota Chapter, Ashlyn Jose, PharmD. Ryan served as CEO of PillTalk, which created a mobile app to simplify patient medication counseling through a database with over 1,500 drugs. With over 20,000 users, PillTalk was acquired earlier this year by another company looking to leverage the app’s technology for a global patient engagement platform. Ryan currently serves as VP of Strategy and Business Development at Orphidia, a Silicon Valley health care startup, which aims to revolutionize lab blood testing by running over 40 lab tests on a portable device with a drop of blood and providing results in 20 minutes.

“I would never have expected the impact INΔ would have on my life. My goal was always to work towards our collaborative mission, but what i unknowingly gained was unique experiences and friendships to last a lifetime. I am grateful to INΔ for providing me the opportunity to not only lead change but work with groups of diverse stakeholders. My time as National President, National VP of Expansion, and Chapter President taught me to build resilient leadership focused on growth. These experiences allowed me to build emotional intelligence early on, proving to be valuable in various stages of my professional career to date.”