Brother Monte Desai

September 14, 2016-- 1PM

Iota Nu Delta would like to congratulate our former National Vice President of Marketing, Monte Desai, on his acceptance to Harvard Business School.

Monte grew up working in his family business in South Carolina and earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from Hofstra University in New York. Prior to starting his MBA at HBS, Monte served at a new federal agency created in responseto the financial crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). As Product Manager, he focused on using technology and innovation to change the way government works. His team earned an award from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, establishing it as a model for other agencies. In 2015, he was personally recognized with the NextGen Public Service Award.

“Many years after college, Iota Nu Delta continues to be more and more valuable in my personal and professional growth. I’ve relied on this tight-knit network to guide me through obstacles and opportunities. Today, I hope to pay it forward as an Alumni Mentor.”