We are proud to announce the newest addition to Iota Nu Delta Fraternity, Inc. - our Colony at New Jersey Institute of Technology! We look forward to seeing the impact that our newest Brothers will have, not only on their campus, but on the legacy we are building nationwide. A special thanks to our Alumni, Josh Rajkumar of Theta Chapter at George Washington University and Ravi Zaveri of Penn State University, for leading Intake for the NJIT Alpha Class. This is just the beginning!    


Our Chapters & Colonies represent the basis and future growth of our organization. Joining a chapter or colony means you are becoming part of a national organization that will enrich your life experience–in college and beyond. In essence, you will have the opportunity to manage a unique business and contribute to it’s development. It will enhance your leadership and professional development–in the professional world, the skills you learn and the relationships you build in Iota Nu Delta will set you apart from the rest.


All Chapters start out as Colonies in the early years. When a colony reaches certain milestones for long term success, it can become a full lettered Chapter. On campus, Colonies function as Chapters do. Chapters have generally been around longer.