The Convention Committee is proud to announce the first ever: Free Career Development Seminar On Friday July 29th at 6 pm @ LMHQ.

This event is catered towards alumni and actives alike, any brother regardless of age can attend for absolutely no cost (whether you register for convention or not.) The aim is clear, we want to help brothers gain tangible results via networking in their respective industries through our own brothers. We will have brothers from all major industries (tech, finance, medicine, engineering etc.,) leading this event. 

We want you to see how these brothers in your respective fields came up and what steps they took to walk their path in their lives after undergrad.

The Tentative Itinerary:

6:30-7:30  Career Development Panel (Moderated by Rahul Bhowmick) 
7:30-8:30  Group Break outs based on industry (Smaller Group Q/A's)
8:30-9:00  General Networking + Socializing

(Some Panel Members includes Raad Ahmed, CEO of LawTrades, Nitin Malik, VP Global Talent at BlackRock + more)  

If you are attending, you must REGISTER via the link below. If you know any brothers, especially alumni interested in attending, please forward this link to them at your own discretion. This is completely proprietary information and will strictly be used for this purpose. *If you already registered for convention you do not need to re-register*

There will be libations (wine + beer only // liquor is strictly prohibited - zero tolerance) available through the course of the night, this happy hour will be taking place at the venue for free.  

We as brothers have always learned to pay it forward and most importantly, educate and empower one another as a brotherhood through these type of resources and networking opportunities. We have received a lot of support from alumni who want to attend this event, but now we need your help and need you to simply show up. If you are an alumni with ample work experience interested in helping out with this segment, feel free to reach out to the Convention Committee.

Looking forward to seeing many friendly faces and a successful night.


150 Broadway, 20th Floor
Westinghouse Building
Downtown Manhattan - Fulton St Train Stop


**Although this event is for free, we will strongly implore a suggested donation to really allow us to keep this event self-sufficient for future years to come. Our brothers deserve this opportunity.